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What May Be Causing Your Transmission Leak And The Solution

by Dwight Harris

It can be frustrating to find out that there is a problem with your transmission. When you see that red fluid beneath your vehicle, you know there is some kind of issue with the transmission. However, while you may know that there is a problem, you may not know what it causing it or what can be done about it. Keep reading to learn a few of the common reasons your transmission may be leaking fluid.

The Pan Plug or Bolts Are Loose

Due to the fact that the transmission pan is what holds the transmission fluid, a leak could occur if a bolt or the drain plug becomes loose. Leaks like this are common after you have your transmission fluid changed. Luckily, it is a quick and easy fix, as you just need to tighten the bolt or plug.

The Transmission Pan Is Damaged

If you drive your vehicle over a significant bump or pothole, there is a chance that the transmission pan may suffer a crack. Over the years, general wear and tear will cause the transmission pan to become more vulnerable to punctures from road debris as well. In cases like these, transmission repair would consist of replacement.

The Fluid Lines Are Cracked

The transmission lines are responsible for moving transmission fluid around for lubrication and cooling. Like other components, these lines, as well as their fittings, are susceptible to damage from wear and tear and road hazards. As a general rule, though, damaged lines can be replaced easily without having to remove the transmission from the vehicle.

The Seals Are Broken

The seals on the transmission are designed to ensure the fluid remains where it belongs. However, like all other transmission parts, these seals can get old, worn out, and damaged. The location of the defect seal will determine the how complex the transmission repair will be. While some seals are easy to access, there are others that require the removal of the transmission in order to access.

The Torque Converter Is Leaking

The torque converter serves as your transmission's heart, as it is what pumps the fluid. In the event that the torque converter suffers a crack or its needle bearings suffer some kind of damage, the fluid will start leaking. In order to repair this type of leak and damage, the torque converter will need to be replaced, making the repair complicated and expensive.

If your transmission is leaking fluid, contact an auto transmission repair shop near you to determine the cause and avoid further damage to your vehicle.