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Three Types Of Garbage Trucks Your City Can Invest In, And What Makes Each Unique

by Dwight Harris

Garbage truck sales may be something you want to pursue when you work for the city's sewer and trash collection department. Of course, you have to be in a leading position with access to the city's budget and finances to buy any new garbage trucks. Still, if you want to buy new trucks for your department, you should know that there are now three different styles of garbage truck available and each has unique features. 

The Traditional Back Crunch Type

This type of refuse collection truck is the traditional kind. It has a hydraulically powered rear compactor that shoves waste in and crushes it all the way down. It is the go-to truck for small cities and rural communities, but it can be used in larger cities, too. The compactor door can be operated manually outside of the truck near the door, or inside the truck with a push button on the dash. Usually, one trash collector drives, while the other rides along on the truck to dump garbage in the back of the truck. 

The Lift-and-Dump Overhead Type

These garbage trucks are much larger and can contain a lot more refuse. Larger waste cans can be distributed among residents in the city, too, since the hydraulic lift arm on these trucks can grab garbage cans with flip top lids that are up to two feet across and almost five feet tall. The lift arm closely resembles a robotic claw. The interior of these trucks can only be accessed by the opening in the top of the truck. Some models are able to compress garbage downward from the top, while others only collect refuse until the truck is full and need to make a run to the city dump or county landfill to empty the truck and then return to the route to collect more. 

The Extended Version That Has Specific Areas Inside to Separate Recycling from Refuse

These are the biggest garbage trucks of all, resembling giant scuttling insects more than trucks. However, each of these trucks has two or three completely separated compartments inside the bed of the truck. Each section is predesignated by your department for the purpose of keeping refuse separate from recycling. These trucks are much more efficient because they can collect both trash and recycling in the same truck on the same trash day and at the same time on the same route. 

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